Narrabri, New South Wales. Australia.


During the year there will be many competitions held which members can attend. The main type of pony club competition is the gymkhana.

The gymkhana is an opportunity for all riders to go out and compete against other riders, from other clubs. Gymkhanas usually have ring events (hacking), sporting and jumping. They are a great way for riders to get experience in competitions and build up confidence. While horses/ponies need to be plaited and presented for gymkhanas, do not let this deter you, as help is always available if you are unsure of what to do.

Pony Club is a youth organisation therefore policies of:
- No Alcohol
- No Smoking
- No Swearing
apply to adults and children. Please visit to view these policies.

1. Please arrive on time. Late arrivals are disruptive and may result in being left out of an event.
2. Be considerate of each other and especially of less experienced and younger riders when riding near them.
3. Walk at all times unless specifically advised otherwise by an instructor/adult.
4. You must only ride where and when advised by an instructor/adult – definitely not around the secretaries
office or the car parks.

1. Horses are easily spooked and everyone who comes to pony club needs to be sensible around horses.
Small children should be supervised at all times and are not to sit/climb on any of the railings or jumping
2. No dogs are allowed.
3. Children should be courteous and co-operative and be keen to learn and have fun.
Parents should remember that Pony Club operates for the benefit of the children.

"Each rider is permitted to use only one horse for the day. Riders are not allowed to swap or share horses."

For all queries relating to our gymkhana programs, please contact our Gymkhana Coordinator: 
Deb Michell-Smith on 0429 926 290.

For all administrative queries, please contact our club secretary.